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Concierge Medical Testimonials

"I don't know what I would do without you.  You have given me a new lease on life.  My migraine pain is manageable, I have a complete picture of my overall health.  I have never been in more professional, caring hands.  Thank you so much..."
--A. Fisher, Gibsonia PA

"In my family we have experienced some health issues that require a comprehensive view. I have found that Hospitals are incapable of seeing a patient as a whole entity. As an entire Human Being. Having to spend the entire day in the Hospital room hoping to be there when one of many Doctors/Specialists I never met will stop by and deliver the bare minimum of data simply does not work for us. Further complicating the issue, these Doctors are part of a group, and a different specialist visits each day. The icing on the cake is that our Primary care physician of 25 years has no privileges at the Hospital! All these issues make it virtually impossible to get any kind of coordinated much less comprehensive care. We are simply a room/bed number.

 The Dr. is available when we need him. When we experienced a health care crisis at 4:00 AM, I sent him a text, and he called me back in 15 minutes. He was at the house that morning, and helped us cope, then treat, then manage the issue from crisis, to episode, to a maintenance program.  If not for the services of Connected Health, we would have been in the Emergency Room, admitted, and gone through the whole merry-go-round yet again.

 Connected Health and Dr. DeMarco changed ALL of this. They assembled all our health care data in one place. Dr. DeMarco spent literally hours talking with us, getting to know who we are and what is unique about us. This knowledge allows us to discuss our whole health and what we need to do to stay illness free. Dr. DeMarco helps us stay healthy, and need less acute care. We are heathier, and more likely to stay that way as a result of Connected Health and Dr DeMarco. The cost is minimal and the value is nothing short of amazing. If you considering a Concierge Health plan, I whole heartedly encourage you to speak with Connected Health."
--M. Weber, Wexford PA

To make a long story very short………Dr. Andrew Demarco was the primary care physician for our family both immediate and extended for at least fifteen years. Everyone in the families held Andy in great respect but none more than me. During this period of time he was responsible for what I believe to be life saving decisions for me. Not once but twice.

The first event occurred while visiting his office for a sinus infection. During the course of the visit Andrew informed me it had been sometime since I had a physical…and he wanted to have a quick look under the hood. I was pressed for time…and was going to say “No, I have to roll.” but I didn’t….I knew he was right and told him to go ahead…during the “quick” look under the hood he did something none of the specialists I was seeing at the time did. He listened to my carotid arteries. He did it a few times….went on to something else and came back to the carotids. He directed me to have a scan on my neck as he felt I had some issues with blockage and explained why…..”when I listed to the carotids I am not supposed to hear anything… you I hear raging rapids” I wasn’t going to do it…but he insisted. I went for the tests, it was determined I was almost to the point an operation would not be possible. Had I not taken his advice I would have had a major health crisis within a short period of time.

The second event occurred as I was having chest pains and shortness of breath. Dr. Andy told me I was in congestive heart failure and was going to call my cardiologistto suggest he admitted to the hospital. My cardiologist disagreed with Dr. Demarco and told him I wasn’t in chf. I have great respect for my cardiologist and am glad Dr. Andy kept insisting I was in chf. Finally the cardiologist agreed to have me admitted to the hospital. I was in congestive heart failure and was having unusual heart rhythms. I believe I was in the hospital for a week until I was regulated.

My family was very upset when Dr. Demarco left Pine-Richland Medical Center. We tried in vain to learn where he was. Pine-Richland nor its employees would not inform us where he went. My wife and I ran into Dr. Demarco one evening when we were out
dinner. He explained what he was doing and I told him to sign me up. I sent Connected Health a check that evening.

A few years later I was diagnosed with a fatal, non-curable lung disease. Many lung specialists told me I was too old for a transplant. Dr. Andy didn’t believe it and assisted
me in seeking help at Cleveland Clinic. Without his help I am sure the process would
have taken much longer. I am now on the transplant list at Cleveland Clinic. I can’t tell you the time he has spent helping me through this issue. I believe without his foresight, ability to quickly assess a medical situation and knowledge to …….

With the health issues I have faced I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be trying to
Get appointments in a timely fashion, be informed of the best specialist,

My only regret is I don’t have enough available resources to treat my whole family to his service.
--R. R. Bakerstown PA

Dr. Andy offered a level of comfort and expertise during my physical exam. He really took the time to evaluate each aspect of my health and made sure I felt good about each area before moving forward. The one-on-one time with Dr. Andy is unmatched by any primary care office I have been to. I would highly recommend Andy and the entire Connected Health team if you are searching for a more personal, catered medical experience.

--B. Garbade, 26, Wexford PA

Athletic Republic Testimonials

"My Son Ryan came to 24 sessions before football last year and he improved across the board, especially with his speed and running technique! "
-- J. Cory, Gibsonia PA

"Athletic Republic has made a noticeable improvement in my son's agility, speed and coordination.  He looks forward to the workouts which is why we will keep coming back!
--R. Stulak, Wexford PA

"One month at Athletic Republic has given my son a new attitude towards fitness and most importantly a confidence that he never had before. He enjoys the workouts and puts forth great effort!"
-- E. Simons, Baden PA

"AR changed the way I looked at training in general. I thought I was in pretty good shape and that I was doing everything I could to be in the best shape but I wasn't. AR made me more motivated, helped me focus on my goals and what I wanted out of my season. It gave me the tools to help myself and realize what I have to do on my own to be the best athlete I could be. After my summer with AR I came into my fall ball season as one of the most in shape girls and most focused. I ended up being one of the strongest attackers on the field. AR by incorporating the sport you play into how they train you really helps you develop in your field and assists you in certain aspects pertaining particularly to your sport. Like for lacrosse, having speed and endurance and strength all in one to play for a whole 60 minutes. Although it may seem terribly difficult and in fact after some workouts you want to die its worth it. Every minute, every second."
--M. McClain, Gettysburg Lacrosse

"AR has developed my mental strength just as much as my physical strength. The coaches/trainers here really work to get the most out of their clients including myself. They know my limits and they don't let me take an easy way out of a workout. They also know an incredible plethora of workouts that keep every training session interesting and fun as well as demanding and intense. All of the work I have done in AR the last year or so has directly translated to the field and the ice. It has made me fully confident in my abilities, especially my strength. Being a smaller player I have found that I use my body and strength a lot more to create plays. The strength and speed I have developed has really upped my game on all facets of play."
--J. Giotto, Quaker Valley LAX & Hockey

"I like the instructors and the workouts. They push me and I like being pushed. I've seen a big difference in the way I run and how strong I've gotten."
--T. Abram, Basketball athlete, Mars PA

Personal Training Testimonials

I feel the training experience at ConnectedHealth is top notch. The workouts are individualized, challenging, but not intimidating. No matter what your age or activity level, if you have a desire to improve your health and well being, the personal training here would be the way to go. This has been one of the best decisionsI have made in my life.
--T. Carmen, Wexford PA


Nutrition Testimonials's been 35 days since I dramatically altered my diet and removed foods my body was sensitive too. Sensitive, not allergic. There's no label,or name, or was my blood work and foods that my body react negatively too. Everyone's results would be different. I was probably reacting to them my whole life. Foods like, brussel sprouts, asparagus, eggs, almond, and any corn related product. Not just corn in its whole form...anything with corn in it. Even animals that eat corn. I have 3 sheets of paper with different names of corn. I could have eaten a grilled chicken salad with certain vegetables....and it was bad for me. It explains a lot. My wife has been a trooper in learning new ways to cook so it works for me. She really must want to keep me around a bit longer. :)) I read every label of every item I 35 days, I'm off all medication, prescription and over the counter, have not varied once from this aches, no pains, no diverticulitis flare ups....nuthin...just 100% pure raw sexiness....17 pounds lighter.
--T. McLaughlin, Pittsburgh PA