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Bust the Myth -- Here's The Truth About Pre-Natal Exercise

Not only will working out while pregnant make you look like a kick-butt super mommy at the gym, it can have many benefits for your baby as well. 

It's all about the Heart, 'bout the Heart... No Trouble.

We are true proponents of preventative heart screening, that's why a year later this news story still resonates for all of us here at ConnectedHealth. We want to share it with you again.... for your child's sake.   

Click view article in the photo above to watch KDKA's news report on heart screening for local athletes.

Plus ... another interesting Post Gazette write-up here:  athlete heart testing 

Don't let a tick make you sick!

Reducing exposure to ticks can be your best defense against Lyme disease.  But what's to blame?

Plus... here's are some other cool links from the CDC to help educate your kids about ticks and tick bite prevention!

CDC Crossword Puzzle & Info Sheet for Kids
CDC Lyme Disease Prevention Comic Strip for Kids

Kidney Stones and Rollercoasters ?

Dr. Andy is a special guest contributor for Zita Billman's monthly newsletter.  Read what he has to say about Kidney Stones and rollercoasters !

Company doctoring: More employers offer on-site clinics

Learn about Food Sensitivities

Stretch before your workout!

Stretching is imporant. Read the article to learn why!

Athletic Republic ranks 7th in most innovative gyms !!