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Taught by certified, talented instructors, ConnectedHealth offers group fitness classes that allow members to work out together--building confidence, camaraderie, and community.  Here are just a few of our class offerings:

  • Moderate Yoga:  Moderate Yoga is a sequence that concentrates on the full body. Specific attention is given to the shoulders, hips, spine, knees and back as they are the key arthritic joints in the body. Strength building, balancing and breathing techniques are also part of the sequence. Benefits of this practice: Slows down the aging process and Maintains and promotes joint health.
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga:  All levels welcome to challenge themselves to invigorate both mind and body!  In this class you will learn to synchronize your breath with several postures designed to improve flexibility and blood flow. You will also be invited to journey inward as you cultivate mindfulness in this moving meditation.
  • Yin Yoga:  A practice of holding stretches for 3 to 5 minutes. The stretches are done down on the mat in seated, kneeling, and lying positions. The extended hold times allow the stretches to release not only tension in the muscle tissue but also tension in the fascia. This promotes ligaments and tendons to grow thicker and stronger, resulting in stronger joints. Hydration of joints is improved resulting in a reduction of cartilage and bone degeneration. Yin Yoga practice is very still and quiet, promoting a deep, meditative state.
  • Child care can be accomodated in most cases.  Our fees are $10 per hour.  Please call us for availability.  

* Our classes are typically free for our Concierge clients.

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Group exercise classes

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