Frequently Asked Questions

What is Concierge Medicine/Direct Primary Care? 

Direct Primary Care improves access to high functioning healthcare with a simple flat, affordable membership fee.  No fee for service payments.  No third party billing.  Just an enduring and trusting relationship between you—the patient—and your primary care provider. 

I have insurance.  Why would I pay a membership fee on top of that?  

It’s about getting value for what you’re spending on your healthcare.  Many of us have struggled under the traditional healthcare system and we aren’t satisfied.  The membership fee allows us to provide the kind of service you’ve always wanted—and deserve—and allows our physicians to practice medicine the way they’ve always envisioned.

Do I still need insurance?

Health insurance coverage is, of course, your personal choice.  We do encourage our patients to maintain other coverage for services that might be needed outside of our care.   Think of it as car insurance.  You’re in charge of your preventative upkeep like brakes, oil changes and minor repairs.  But your insurance is always there to cover those higher cost items like broken windshields, fender benders and other major mishaps.

Does my insurance cover any part of the membership fee?

Insurance won’t cover any part of our membership fee.  Individuals who want to be part of our smaller, more personalized service will pay this fee directly out of pocket.

I have Medicare.  Can I still join?

Absolutely! But just like private insurance, our fee is not reimbursable under Medicare and, because we’re required, we’ll ask you to sign a Medicare opt-out agreement.  This ensures your understanding that we won’t submit any Medicare claims or receive any payments from Medicare for any of the primary care services we render.  This is just an acknowledgement.  Your Medicare coverage will remain the same for you as it has before. 

What’s included in my membership fee?

·       Ongoing access to your physician 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

·       Annual Executive-Style Physical Exam

Your doctor will conduct an extensive 90 minute exam during which you’ll receive a complete blood panel work-up, EKG, blood pressure screening, thyroid exam, hearing and vision screenings, and also a Spirometry test to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing.  You’ll also receive prescriptions for age and gender appropriate screenings such as for colorectal cancer and mammograms.

·       Quarterly check-ins from a member of your Health Care Team

Our pro-active approach to your care means we’ll reach out to you every quarter to see how you’re fairing, get an update on your current medications, vaccinations, weight and general well being.  We’re not just here to care for you when you’re sick.  We’re here to keep you healthy, and that means we’ll be calling you to make sure you are!

·       Same or Next Day Sick Visits

There’s nothing worse than waiting to be seen when you’re feeling under the weather.  As part of your membership you’ll have access to same or next day appointments with your physician.  Even if you’re traveling, your physician can still advise on what ails you via our secure and remote tele-health application.  

·       Lab Draws as needed

Your physician will perform blood draws as they are needed and he or she will explain your lab results to you in words that you can truly understand.  No more confusion and no more worry.

·       Annual Flu Shot

We’ll advise you when it’s time for your annual flu shot and we’ll even call you to schedule it.  No need to call us!  And the shot is included!

·       Dedicated Health Coach

Part of the ConnectedHealth differential means we go the distance.  We don’t just refer you to a specialist or tell you that you need an MRI, CT scan or X-ray.  If they’re needed, your health coach will coordinate all of your appointments for you at no additional charge, obtain prior authorizations whenever they’re required and will even remind you when an appointment date is near.

·       On-site pharmacy and on-staff pharmacist

Another added benefit of your membership—and one that sets us apart from others—is access to our on-site pharmacy and pharmacist.  We consider this to be an integral part of your care.  Your physician can coordinate and communicate with our pharmacist and if prescriptions are needed you’ll often leave our facility with medication in hand.  No separate stops to the local pharmacy or waiting in line.  And no better place to be than surrounded by a team of health care professionals that truly know your needs and how to care for them.

·       And also you get access to our Fitness Center

What happens if I need to go to the ER or become hospitalized?

Our doctor works with a group of reliable hospital physicians who can be entrusted with your admission and care.  Our team will work closely with the hospital staff and specialists to continue quarterbacking your care during your stay, and after.

Who will care for me when my physician is on vacation?

Your physician will still be available to you by phone any time he or she is away.  We’ve also partnered with a trusted local primary care physician who can assist you with any emergencies that might arise in your doctor’s absence.  As a patient, you’ll be notified in advance of your doctor’s unavailability and we’ll give you guidance on what steps you should take if your doctor is needed.

Do you make house calls?

Yes!  We have membership options that include house calls.  With our Plus program, your primary care doctor will come to you!  Sick visits, exams, even blood draws can take place right in the comfort of your home or office.  Your doctor may also accompany you to outside appointments or consultations with specialists as necessary.  That means your physician will actually be there with you to support you with any decisions regarding your care options.

Do I need to be a member to utilize your other services such as pharmacy, fitness, nutrition, Athletic Republic, etc.?

Not at all.  Feel free to schedule a tour to check out the services you are interested in.  

Can I wait and join later?

Why wait and risk it?  We limit our patient memberships so that our doctors can offer a proactive, preventative approach to your care at a very intimate and personalized level.  With that said, we encourage anyone who’s interested to join now before our membership is full.

How do I join?

We always recommend scheduling a tour and a meet and greet with our doctor to ensure it’s a good fit.  There’s no commitment necessary.  We want you to understand our program and all of the benefits that you’ll receive from our services. 

This sounds like a great idea for my company.  Do you work with employers?

Yes! There are many ways we can work with companies to help meet their unique business needs.  We can customize our medical, nutrition, pharmacy and fitness offerings to meet the needs of your employees while helping your company meet its health savings goals.