Executive Physical Exams & Healthcare

What is Executive Health?

Executive health programs are streamlined examinations that meet the needs of today’s business leaders. From constant business trips, deadlines and shareholder meetings, it’s easy to see why C-level employees struggle to keep their health top of mind. Executive health programs aim for an efficient and personalized experience, tailored for the exec’s schedule constraints. Executive-style physicals not only make good sense for your health, but also for your business.

Executive Physicals & Health Exams

Nobody has time to be sick, and  busy professionals don’t always have room in their schedules for routine checkups. We make getting to the doctor easier by offering comprehensive executive health exams to business owners, upper level corporate professionals and key executives.  Our physician will work with your schedule, both inside and outside of business hours, to schedule your appointment.

Our Executive Physical Exam Includes:

  • Comprehensive history & extensive physical exam
  • Medication & immunization review
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Bloodwork, full preventive screening tests
  • Nutrition & fitness advice
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and Polar Body Age Fitness Assessment
  • Written summary report of your exam  

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